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Making loans simple - our services are 100% free.

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Your Point Cook mortgage broker

We’ve been operating in Point Cook and serving Melbourne’s West over several years. We’re a small boutique business that is always flexible and will always provide you with a personal experience.

We’re always to come out to you and visit at any time, and that’s what we pride ourselves upon; and that’s our customer service.

Our Happy Clients!

Dennis was excellent throughout the whole home buying process. Attentive and professional in every aspect. I highly recommend Point Cook Mortgage Brokers especially if you are new to the buyers market.
Isabelle Axel
Isabelle Axel
Dennis is very helpful and took the effort to explain everything I need to know. I find him very approachable and friendly to deal with. He knows the products well and I would recommend him to anyone who needs refinancing.
Gina Hopper
Gina Hopper
Really great to work with Dennis for our first ever home loan. Being rookies we were a little clueless but Dennis made every step clear and as painless and possible. We hope to expand our property portfolio and will be using Dennis for our future endeavours!
Cummins Pattinson
Cummins Pattinson
The service and expertise Dennis and his team provided when buying my new car was fantastic, he made the process easy for me to understand I would highly recommend her services to anyone."
Adam Payne
Adam Payne
Dennis has provided us with timely response to all our questions in regards to obtaining construction loan for our house. He has always been very efficient, helpful and polite.
Emily Jones
Emily Jones
Great customer service! I highly recommend. Thank you
Nithya Thennakoon
Nithya Thennakoon

Your personalised Mortgage Broker service in Point Cook.

We always provide the most competitive rates, combined with expert guidance and take care of the entire loan process for you.

We do our best to understand your financial situation, and provide a tailored solution that will suit you best. The biggest mistake many individuals make is that they only consider the bank that they have always been with – without knowing the other financial services that may suit them a lot better, providing much more value to them.

We care about saving you money on your home or investment loans, and ensure you get the most competitive loan that is currently available on the market. We are committed to being fully available to you, and therefore we’re with you every step of the way.

Why Choose Us?

You will have a premium service with access to all the loan options available to you, and we’ll ensure we provide the most up-to-date strategy that is relevant in the current financial environment. That means that the onus is on us to find the most competitive and most valuable loan option that is currently available. The best thing is – if a better solution is available in the next 12 to 24 months, we’ll let you know and provide the best options to how you can best take advantage any new opportunity, in an ever-changing market.

We pride ourselves on being open and authentic, and therefore we want to choose the right loan for you and your family. We’ll always ensure that you have a personalised experience, because we make sure we really get to know you, and work with you one on one.

That means you’ll have 24/7 access to us, because we make ourselves constantly available to be able to help cater for anything you need, and to answer any questions that you have. We treat all our clients as one big family, because we want to make sure we have a long-lasting relationship that goes beyond a “transaction”. 

Always on Time

We'll get your application processed super quickly.

Hard Working

We're entirely committed to our clients.

24/7 Availability

We're always here to help.

You don’t need to ask yourself “Who is the best mortgage broker near me” anymore.

You’ll find that you can find us reliable, honest and experienced enough to handle your financial needs. We want to be the one stop shop for anything to do with home loans and other financial services, so that you can place your trust in us to look after everything for you – that’s why you will always be supported by us, who will work with you to achieve your long term goals.

Refinance your home loan

You won’t need to look any further, if you’ve been considering whether or not to refinance your loan. At Point Cook Mortgage Brokers, we’ll explain every bit of detail to you on how the entire refinancing process works. What’s more, we’ll explain all the benefits to you as well along the way. It’s a no-brainer.

Reasons to REFINANCE

Our refinancing Point Cook team makes the entire process quite simple. We use our systems to connect to the financial institutions in a very short amount of time and get your application processed efficiently and timely.

Through our channels, we’ll ensure that only if there is a positive benefit to you when comparing your current loan to what’s out there in the market. This way only if you benefit from lower interest rates / other packages on the market that suit your financial needs, will we recommend to refinance.

Refinancing can allow you to utilise and access equity when tapping into your portfolio. The equity can be used to then finance any projects that require some cash flow, such as repair costs, renovations etc.

The refinancing process also allows you to combine and consolidate any outstanding debt, such as your personal and credit card loans. You can consolidate these into your mortgage and therefore keep everything streamlined and easy to manage.

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1. Call us or fill in the quote form

We'll have a chat with you to discuss what your financial situation looks like. We want to get to know you on a deeper level, to really understand how we can best serve you. We'll ask lots of questions, and help you find the best strategy possible to help achieve your financial goal. That means that everything you get from us, is 100% tailored to you, because we know that everyone is different.

We love to help educate our clients, and so we'll give a breakdown of how the process works, how the markets work and what the current financial environment is like. We'll teach you how loan instruments work and what the effect of the different types of loan product will have on you. Even if it's just explaining how interest rates work, or the difference between an 'interest only' loan versus a 'principal and interest' loan. We believe that have a foundational understanding is extremely

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2. The process - arranging a pre-approved loan

Once we fully understand your financial situation, goals and exactly what you want to do, we'll then outline and formulate the best strategy that aligns with you. Arranging a pre-approved loan is one of the best ways to give you peace of mind, when looking to make your investment purchase, such as for a new home. This will give you a clear indication of your spending limits, and the ability to quickly make an offer for any property you are interested in. The pre-approval process is super quick, which will allow you to shop around quickly, without losing time.
We'll also give you an A-Z breakdown of exactly what everything entails, such as the interest rates, monthly repayment costs and alternatives to consider. We'll explain things like 'fixed' vs 'variable' interest rates and the different packaged deals available, compared to a simple loan offering. Depending on your long term goal - for example, if you're a keen property investor who wants to scale your portfolio, we'll discuss the pros and cons of the banks that you should partner with (i.e. small lenders vs big lenders) and their capabilities and likelihood of allowing you to borrow more. A big mistake that some people go for, is only looking for the bank that provides the lowest interest rate, without considering their lending capability in the long term. Some banks are less willing to let you leverage yourself and borrow more, so therefore it's always important to consider all options for the long term.

3. We will then help get your loan approved and settled, while you relax

Once we get your approval going for your loan, after we receive the requisite documentation, we'll liase with the bank and provide you updates along the way. Settlement can take anywhere between 1-2 weeks to finalise.
Mortgage Brokers Point Cook doesn’t forget you after your loan has settled. During the life of the loan, we are always there to continue looking after the clients and answering any questions. What's more is that, year on year, we review your loan and ensure that you are receiving the best loan package available. We can then form comparisons with other lenders, and therefore be able to negotiate on your behalf with the current lender to identify whether we can secure a lower rate for your loan package, or seek to refinance with another institution only where you are clearly in a better position.

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Home loans

Our team at Point Cook Mortgage Brokers are industry experts in being able to educate our clients and providing guidance on finding the best home loan package. We’re fully aware of the stress of the process involved in purchasing a property. It’s not just choosing the right location, but also choosing the best financing options, the paperwork involved, as well as the fact that it’s fairly time consuming.

We definitely know that this whole process can appear daunting, especially if it is your first time. We’ll ensure that you find the right home loan in Point Cook, by first assessing your financial health, together with your financial goals. This way, we can understand the best value package that will suit you best. We guide you through the process of obtaining a pre-approval, which will provide you the ability to enter contract negotiations for the property you’re looking to purchase. We’ll also complete the entire loan application process for you, and keep you fully updated throughout the entire process, from start to finish.

If you’re a first home buyer, we can facilitate the First Homeowner Grant application for you, and guide you through the qualification process.

Investment loans

If you’re looking for an Investment Property Loan, we know exactly the best deals on offer at the current time, to find you the best loan package available. We’ll discuss an appropriate loan structure, and whether it be interest only, or principal and interest. We’ll also employ a strategy to minimise any potential lender’s mortgage insurance (LMI) for your investment strategy and expected returns.

We’ll also help review your entire property portfolio, to help ensure that you’re receiving the best deals possible, and negotiate with the banks on your behalf.  We’ll continually work with you to suit your convenience, and help you identify the most competitive and value for money loan products from an extensive selection of lenders available. We’ll help you also to manage your deadlines, including your property valuations and settlement dates.

Best of all, did we mention that we do all of this at completely no cost to you? How good is that!

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Renovation loans

We know that home renovations aren’t cheap. Particularly, for properties that need quite a lot of structural work, which can require a lot of additional capital. There are many options to fund these activities, and it is important to consider, to ensure that you have enough cash flow in hand for all your financial obligations in totality.

There are many different options for doing this, which would mainly involve either paying out of your own pocket using your own savings, or utilising equity if you have enough built up  from your existing property.

Construction loans

Building your own home or investment property is always an exciting prospect. However, managing the costs and expenses in respect to building and construction costs, can be quite complicated and costly. Financing a home construction can be easily taken care of with a construction loan, however securing one, is not as easy as you may think.

Utilising a construction loan can offer flexibility with special construction conditions. You can drawn down your loan in either instalments or in chunks (called ‘progressive draw downs’), to receive payments at different stages at your construction project. Most people do this, because most of the time, you won’t need all the cash up front, but rather in stages. All of this is drawn from a predetermined loan amount, construed by the financial institutions. Therefore the advantage is that you only pay interest on the amounts you draw from the loan facility.

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Commercial loans

Commercial financing are available from many different lenders and financial institutions, to allow you to have working capital for capital funding ventures. Our Finance Brokers Point Cook are more than capable in helping you to achieve your investment strategy for sourcing the right type of borrowed capital, that suits you best. This means that whether you require short or long term commercial finance, our team will be able to source the best value debt, to fund your next business venture or project.

Car loans

Purchasing your dream vehicle, may not come easily. That’s why we at Point Cook Mortgage Brokers can help you source the best value car loan, to help ease your cash flow without needing to front the cash, all at once. This in turn helps you to plan out your monthly expenditure, and budget accordingly.

We’ll be able to find the right lender and loan package and create a strategy that will suit you and your needs, to help you get behind the wheel of that car you have always wanted.

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Not located in the Point Cook? No worries - we can serve anyone nationally with ease.

We service all areas of Point Cook.

Approved Point Cook Mortgage Brokerage Service

Let our Mortgage Brokers Point Cook do all the heavy lifting for you. We deliver an end to end solution to sourcing the right loan product for you, to help you achieve your long term financial goals. We’re committed to being by your side, every step of the way and even more. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied by their experience with us, and ensure that every single criteria is met, to the highest standard. We love to help and educate, and that’s what we do best. We bring many years of experience to the table, where we carefully construct the right financial strategy that is unique to you and your financial requirements and needs. That means that we work with you from scratch, and carefully put together and procure the right loan strategy, exactly for you.

Our journey doesn’t end when your loan is approved, it is only just the beginning. That means we always will maintain contact with you, review everything in a timely manner, and reconnect and strategise if need be. With our access to the best deals on the market, it only makes sense to speak to a qualified and licensed professional, who not only will provide you access to amazing deals, but takes care of the burden in filling out the paper work for you efficiently, and seamlessly. It’s a complete win-win for our clients.

We act on your behalf to put everything together for you, while you can focus your time and energy on other things, completely stress free.

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We know the headaches and stress that can come with making financial decisions. That’s why it is our job to provide you complete peace of mind, by always being by your side and ensuring that you are receiving the best financial services and value possible. Let our Mortgage Brokers Point Cook look after you.

We only have one goal – and that is provide exceptional customer service to our clients. We want to deliver only the highest quality of work, and leave our clients with new knowledge, and confidence that they are very well looked after. We will always listen to exactly what you need and provide a complete and transparent service, so that you always know what is happening.

We’re proud to support our partners at Mortgage Broker Gold Coast.

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